They did so much before us, they did so much for us. yet we have become these beings, these heathens, ignorant heathens and in this way we disrespect them - and in disrespecting them we disrespect all their values - the idea of respect for the elders, we disrespect their spirit. In each death their spirit was released from the vessel - the body. Which is how their spirits live on today, within us; around us; above us; below us. they see everything. 


There was a once a time where learning about them was almost obligatory, but despite the obligation there existed a genuine desire, a hunger to be fed with the information about them, about their rituals, practices. Not that it is information necessary to our survival nor existence but it is information that we should have within or the spirits will die and we will die with them. They are already dying.


In voluntary ignorance we are forcing them into darkness and burning them without seeing them, without understanding them. I say burning because the ignorance is not painless, we are causing a fiery, raging destruction that will only leave ruin behind. and we too are suffering without realising we suffering with them. We will realise we are suffering when we have suffered. By then it will be too late. It will be out of our hands and those of the spirits. Nobody will be in control, nobody will be able to control anything. 


I mentioned the book because in reading it I came to learn and understand that there a few individuals in the north which dedicate themselves entirely into keeping them alive. Into keeping their glow and transmission generating. But I feel as though the youth of the south spits on them, spits on the potentiality, opportunity to learn about them. They have been too far westernised which is why they spit, they only have interest in the present - but, what they do not know is that in order to really live in the present and successfully exist within it, one must have first grasped the past and understood it. But the south neither has knowledge of this. 


Maybe I’m being unfair to those of the south. Perhaps we could argue they choose to spit on them because they are aware, they see what should be seen - as in to say westernisation has enlightened them; the rituals, customs, practices are in fact outdated and only serve to oppress us and deny us of our potentiality. They stop us from accessing us - they stop the potentiality of our access to our masculinity, our femininity - in their purest forms. The masculinity within the woman, the femininity within the man. They suppress our opportunity to access such attributes, they do not allow us to embrace our vulnerability, to face it and deal with. This suppression is far more notable in the great-grandparents; grandparents and even some parents that reside among us and their attempts to continue this suppression. Perhaps this may have been the catalyst for rebellion of the south; why they began to spit on them, not because they wished to demonstrate disrespect but rather because they were exhausted of living in such an oppression, they could no longer see themselves bearing another day in that oppression. the south killed the tribe. 



the tribe is dead.