The practice of Sherie Sitauze is heavily embedded in, and refers itself to post-colonial theories and concepts, it aims to establish and reproduce – if possible, the pre-colonial histories of Southern Africa. With a particular focus on the people of Venda – of which they are a direct descendant. In their current exploration of the myths and histories, they employ collage, photography, sound, textile, video, and installation. Although they may occasionally employ others if they are contextually relevant. 

In their exploration they exploit and engage with many issues which are the consequences of colonialism and the colonial gaze, re-appropriating them to create a subjective realisation. The artist re-appropriates and modifies symbols which are easier identifiable by native Venda people and simplifies them in a way which obscures and creates an ambiguity with regards to their precise origins to an ‘outsider’. This process presents a paradoxical closed realm of inaccessibility alongside exclusivity. And, through awareness of the capabilities of the threatening colonial gaze, the realm guarantees a protection and preservation of the people of Venda.