Formed as a result of the mapungubwe kingdom. And, deep within thathe vondo, lake fundudzi is our village and it awaits us, but we only become members of that village and control it when our corporal physicality departs from ‘here’. Awakening will occur at night, music, dancing will occur when the sky begins to darken, when we pass on and no longer inhabit the here we may find ourselves amongst the ancestors, we may die naturally, accidentally or even purposely.


Purposely because one may be offered to nwali during the domba, for we must demonstrate gratitude as he is the one that gives the water essential for our continued existence, we must also remember he is the god of fertility and without fertility we would all cease to exist, in all respects. Besides nwali, the python there exist others - in these waters it is not surprising that one may encounter white creatures, zwidudwane and even perhaps a rare glimpse of ndadzi in thunder.


If there ever arises the need to communicate with the ancestors one can do so with the aid of a sangoma but only when it is deemed to be absolutely necessary because, we must not awaken the ancestral spirits unless it is necessary.